maineac (maineac) wrote,

It was fanon, now it's canon. Coincidence? Or *genius*?

From House's Head:
1.  "Either I'm massively drunk"...or I have a concussion. 
     Don't confuse the two! See Sleeping Man.
2. "I have a concussion. Retrograde amnesia. No cell phone. No keys. I've been mugged." 
    Yes, you have! See Sleeping Man.
 3. ETA: How could I forget this one: "Smell is the strongest...evokerator of memory." See the climax of Sleeping Man.

From Wilson's Heart:
1. The end of the bar scene: House forgets his cane when he gets really drunk. 
     See Gotta Run.
It was fanon. Now it's canon!

Coincidence? Or genius? You be the judge.

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