maineac (maineac) wrote,

Sleeping Man: Inside 19/19

Author: Maineac
Characters: House, Wilson, Cuddy, Chase, with a dash of Foreman and a pinch of Cameron
Rating/Pairing: Gen; a mild R for language. H/W strong friendship (slash only if you wear goggles)
Summary: The fallout from House's recent misadventure. Follows
Sleeping Man: Outside
Timeline: Set in the early fall of Season 3, around Cane and Able, Lines in the Sand
Chapter One is here:
Previous chapter is here: 18


They were almost there, almost home free, when Cuddy spotted them. 

Somehow she saw through their disguises and nailed them at the lobby door. House was up to Number 29 on his list, but he interrupted himself to give her a smile and to flick the bangs out of his eyes.

“Ah, Dr. Cuddy. I imagine you, too, have come to beg forgiveness for something. But it won’t come easily. That would cheapen it. There will be conditions. Number one—“


“My eyebrow pencil,” snapped Cuddy, not listening to House as he continued his recitation. “I need it back.” She held out her hand.


Wilson dug the item in question out of his pocket and waggled his eyebrows at her. He had drawn two pencil-thin lines above each brow and it was all Cuddy could do to keep a straight face, looking at him. “You really got into this disguise, didn’t you?”


“No point doing something half-way,” said Wilson, deadpan. “And now, we must be off.” He started the chair forward, and House looked back over his shoulder.


“…Number five,” he continued, but Cuddy broke in again.


“I don’t want to see either of you back in this hospital until you’ve grown some hair. Lots of it.”   Cuddy then performed the Cuddy Pirouette, pivoting away pertly, her gaze lingering, and headed back to her office. Wilson looked thoughtfully down at the top of House’s blonde head.


“That could take a long time,” he said. “Six weeks at least.”


“So…what do you say,” answered House. “Road trip?”


Wilson nodded and pushed the automatic door opener button. “I hear Boston’s nice this time of year."


The Sequel "Sleeping Man: Settling the Score" .
Alternate "Guest" endings for Sleeping Man:Inside can be found by hitting the green "next entry" arrow at the top of the page. There is a "slashy ending" by Dee Laundry, a "mildly slashy" ending by Ciny Lou Who8, and a Gen ending by Zeppomarx.

Lastly:  I've made a Word file of the whole Sleeping Man epic oeuvre (yikes! 59,000-plus words). If anyone wants it, they can leave a comment with an email, or PM me.

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