maineac (maineac) wrote,

Sleeping Man: Final Chapter Open Invitational

I’m very aware that Sleeping Man is drawing to an end, and part of my reluctance to finish it is the knowledge that I’ll never be able to satisfy all the different readers out there. A while back I suggested that I might invite readers to have a try at writing their own ending, and a few people seemed interested.


So now I am officially announcing the Sleeping Man: Final Chapter Open Invitational. I know there are at least a few fic writers who have been following this, so it would take a lot of pressure off me if you all had a try at ending the fic the way you’d most like to see it end. (That's the definition of fanfic anyway, isn't it? Re-writing canon to suit our own vision.) So Huddy shippers can write a Cuddy-rific ending. House/Wilson slashers can write a slash ending. H/W friendshippers can write that ending. You can even have House die and become a zombie. Whatever floats your boat.


I’d only ask that you not submit anything to me until AFTER I post my own final chapter (coming up soon). Anyone who’s interested can contact me by PM. So...any takers?
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