April 21st, 2008

Sleeping Man: The Slashy Epilogue, by Dee Laundry

Author: [info]deelaundry
: "The Slashy Epilogue to Maineac's 'Sleeping Man'"
Rating: R 
Pairing: H/W

A/N: Today's guest author in the 
Sleeping Man Final Chapter Open Invitational is the wonderful [info]deelaundry, author of many great House fics. (Check them out here.) Like </a></b></a>cindy_lou_who8
, she has done what I can't: provided H/W fans with a (moderately) slashy happy ending. Thanks, Dee!

Still to come: There are rumored to be other Epilogues out there being written. There's no timeline for submitting them. Send them in whenever you finish. Or, if you prefer, post them yourselves. We need some House/Cuddy endings to round out the field, n'est ce pas?
* * *

The drive back to House's apartment from the hospital was quick and, thankfully, quiet, as House's litany of demands had stopped.

Collapse )