House Fic: "Close Your Eyes"

Title: Close Your Eyes
Rating: Gen
Characters: House, with Wilson, Cuddy, Chase, Foreman, Cameron, Stacy
Word Count
: 2,125
Summary: Missing scenes from No Reason.
Author note: Second House fic in a year! I'm on  a roll.

"Which one of you is House?"

There is an intensity in the man's eyes and somehow House is not surprised to see, even as he is buying time with a glib reply, he is not surprised to see the dark revolver appear from the man's coat pocket. What does surprise him is how quickly the man simply pulls the trigger.

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Fic: Hey

Title: Hey
Rating: Gen
Characters: House, Wilson, Cuddy
Word Count
: 1600
Summary: Certain encounters pre-infarction.
Author note: It's been almost three years since I wrote any new House fic, so long that I forgot how to do it (how does that LJ cut thing work again?). Started revisiting some old fics though and this came to mind. It's an aspect of House that's always fascinated me. Thanks to BabalooBlue.




James Wilson frowned at the sweaty figure sprawled spread-eagle on the picnic table, eyes screwed shut against the midday sun, chest still heaving from the exertion of running, his muscled legs so long the heels of his running shoes hung over the edge.

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F Bombs Away

One of my New Year's resolutions is to stop using the F bomb. But I need a substitute. I'm looking for something that starts with F but isn't a euphemism (like frigging). At the moment I like "fumbling". ("You fumbling arsehole" has a nice ring to it. :)

Any nominations?

8x02 LAst Scene

So, House is back. I must admit I loved that ep. And I'm sure everyone had different ways they wanted that last scene to go. But here's my version.
House doesn't even see the punch coming. He crumples to the floor, more dazed than hurt. AS he rubs his head, he sees Wilson, bent double, clutching his right hand. It's unbelievable.

"You idiot. Who punches someone in the FOREHEAD?" Wilson can't answer, his features are contorted with a combination of pain and sheepishness. "Is it broken? It's broken, isn't it. Come on."

House retrieves his cane and forces himself to his feet in stages. He grabs Wilson's wrist and gives it a dispassionate inspection. "Fourth metarsal. Boxer's fracture. Let's get an X-ray. AT least it's your right hand. Have you NEVER been in a fist fight before?"

They are halfway to the ER, and HOuse has already given him lessons on the proper way to throw sucker punches, discussed the pros and cons of casting the fracture, and arranged for vegetarian take-out ot be delivered to the ER before Wilson even has a chance to speak. He opens his mouth to say something, and then thinks better of it.

This. This is what he has missed.

Fic: A Rum Thing Indeed

 Title: A Rum Thing Indeed
Characters: Bertie, Jeeves, House
Rating: Gen
Words: 700
Disclaimer: Don't own them. Never will.
Summary: Bertie discovers American TV
Author note: Crossover ficlet written several years ago for zulu  and never posted anywhere. Just found it on my hard drive.

“I say, Jeeves,” I remarked. “This is a puzzler and no mistake.”

“Indeed, sir?” replied Jeeves, holding the shoe he was polishing up to the light and inspecting it carefully. There was something about the tone of the fellow’s voice that I didn’t like.  Perhaps it was the hangover I was nursing.  But it seemed to me that Jeeves had managed to fill the two syllables of the word “indeed” with something very like impertinence. And I was not in the mood for impertinence. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I was feeling disgruntled, but I was far--very far--from gruntled.

I replied with some asperity. “When I say, ‘This is a puzzler, Jeeves,’ I rather expect an offer of help. Not the implication that I am a fat-head to whom the smallest thing is a puzzle.”

Jeeves put the shoe back down on the hotel carpet and addressed me with a suitably respectful demeanor. “I regret that I gave offence sir. None was intended. May I be of any assistance?”

“I certainly hope so, Jeeves,” It was hard to stay angry with the man, and besides I needed his considerable brainpower—the man eats only fish—to help solve the current mystery. Without budging from my place on the sofa, I  pointed the remote control toward the large television ensconced in the hotel’s wooden console. “That fellow, who’s always solving mysteries—what’s his name?” I began. It was on the tip of my tongue.

“Sherlock Holmes, sir?”

“Good Lord, no. I’m referring to this chap, the medical man—there.” Jeeves turned his gaze toward the screen and squinted for a moment.

“I believe that is Dr. Gregory House,” he declared.Collapse )

Hello, Dreamwidth

I'm one of the refugees from LJ, though I'm keeping my journal over there for the time being. I don't have a lot of time to learn how to navigate here, so it will take me a while to get up and running. This post is just an experiment...

Fic: Due Vigilance

Title: Due Vigilance
Characters: House, Kutner
Rating: Gen
Word Count: 850
Summary: Kutner solves House's sleep problem. Dialogue only.
Spoilers: Mild spoilers for the end of Season 5--up to but not including House Divided ; this is based on the trailer for House Divided
Disclaimer: They aren't mine.


“Very funny, Kutner.”


“Wake up, House.”


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Sleeping Man III: Settling the Score 2/2

Sleeping Man III: Settling the Score


Characters: House and Wilson
Rating: Gen
Timeline: The fall, around the time of Cane and Able
Summary: A brief epilogue for Sleeping Man I: Outside and Sleeping Man II: Inside. This won’t make sense unless you’ve read the earlier parts first.


PS I re-wrote Part 1 of this sequel. Also, yeah, the LJ cut better work this time, or else….Or else I’m gonna have to give myself a severe tongue-lashing and possibly a timeout.


Part 1  

2. Conclusion


Wilson made his way from the men’s room at South Station to the café table where House was waiting. They had a good half hour till their train left.

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